Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Icon of Style: Bill Kaulitz

In the end of the 90's there was a strong pop-teen scene making all girls scream. It was the highest point in the career of many boy bands like Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and Hanson. They were made up in styles to fit in many girls taste.

Right now, also a rock-pop band that has been making many teen girls (and not teens too!) scream as loud as they can. This is the German band Tokio Hotel.

They are also, young, cute and stylish boys. What make them surprising different in the pop World is the front man, Bill Kaulitz.

Bill is for sure a cute boy. What makes him special is his unique style. Many people see as strange: he looks like a girl, he wears nail polish, he is kind of too slim and he has a crazy lion hair that makes me think of a Japanese cartoon. It was all seen before, but never all together, or only in the underground scene.

The most interesting thing is that Bill seems so popular exactly because of this different kind of feminine style. Girls are falling in love now with boys that have a strong personality, are not ashamed to show their feminine side and don't care for what others think. The basic good looking boys like the Backstreet Boys are not getting any attention anymore.

Bill's crazy and unique style is so popular that he was cover of one of the most important fashion and elegance magazines in the World: the Vanity fair.

Let's be honest, there is not anything really special about Tokio Hotel's music, or about Bill's voice. All their success came from the way Bill (and also from his brother Tom) make girls go crazy.

So let's hope Tokio Hotel frontman are going to build an even stronger influence in Fashion and possible in some other boys style.


  1. There IS also something special about their music and Bill's voice, what's wrong with you!!!!!

  2. Eu gosto tanto do estilo do Bill qto da musica..porém claro q a sucesso deles não se baseia apenas na voz..tem q ter algo para diferenciar. No caso deles, o estilo é o diferencial. PS: ao contrário do q todo mundo q eu conheço fala, ele não é gay..pelo menos não por causa do jeito q ele se veste. Talves ele seja mas o estilo dele não tansparencia a sua preferencia sexual.


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