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Top Elegance - Models and Glamour

Top models can be famous for many reasons: sometimes they have an unique look like Gemma Ward, sometimes a mature and beautiful smile like Linda Evangelista, and sometimes an extreme sensual body and face like Gisele Bundchen.

Independent of their style and fashion niche, all super models are also famous for their untouchable elegance.

Reading fashion magazines and following the daily news on the website "", I managed to separate a few supermodels that are standing out for their personal elegance. It means that outside of magazines, catwalks and fashion ads, in the daily bases, they are still keen to keep their grace and class.

Lakshmi Menon
Lakshmi is an indian supermodel that is between the most important models right now. The 26 years old beauty, started the modelling career to earn money while she was studying a sociology degree, and for her surprise, ended up on the catwalks of the best designers in the World.

In her personal life, she likes the nice and quiet rather than busy parties and glamorous model life.

Why is she in the list? Because of her calm and exotic elegance.

Raquel Zimmerman

The Brazilian blond bombshell is the number one on the website, and also one of the favorites of Anna Wintour, the editor chief of the American Vogue. Her beautiful face and sensual body can wear any type of campaign: from the young, sporty and popular as a Victoria's Secret show, to the highest class Chanel couture. She is also a good favorite of the "anti-skinny" protesters, because of her slim, but healthy figure.

Why is she in the list? Because of her classy and flexible elegance.

Iris Strubegger

The Austrian model is also on the list as one of the hype models of the moment. Her strong beauty is in the pages of many fashion magazines around the World in very beautiful campaigns.

Sometimes in funky and crazy ads, with a boysh look, she hides her feminine elegance, and brings the androgynous clic that not many models can do.

Why is she in the list? Because of her unique boy-girl elegance.

Sessilee Lopez
Sessilee is an American model that has been one of the main models of the black revolution in fashion. After many protests against the exclusion of black women in the fashion business, Franca Sozzani from the Italian Vogue, together with photographer Steven Meisel, decided to make the Vogue "all black" issue. Sessilee was choosen between the models that were printed on the cover of the magazine issue, and between the black beauties.

Why is she in the list?
Because she stands out in the "black models revolution" with her soft elegance.

Edita Vilkeviciute
Edita's type of beauty is universal. Anywhere in the World, the beautiful eyes and slim figure like hers, are an example of class and elegance. What is most amazing about her look is how so sweet girl in reality, can become the sultry glamorous model under the camera's flash. This Lituanian darling is in the list of models of the moment, and has everything to become a memorable supermodel.

Why is she in the list? Because of her incredible girl-become-woman elegance.

Anna Jagodzinska
She is between the top ten of the website and she also has been chosen as one of the models of the year by the American Vogue. This spectacular polish beauty has been present in the fashion business during the last 6 years; and now, 22 years old, she stars as one of the most important models in the World.

Her personality is just as soft and bright as her look. Even though elegance is many times related to a dark mysterious touch, Anna brings out beauty with her smile and brightness.

Why is she in the list? Because of her bright way of being elegant.

Natasha Poly

You do not need to belong to the fashion industry to notice that Natasha Poly is an extremely elegant woman. Just to see her walking on the streets of New York, or going to any special VIP event; anyone can notice she is always impeccable!

It is obvious she is one of the most famous models in the World right now due to her natural great style, extraordinary elegance, perfect figure and classic face. It is not hard to notice that Natasha enjoys to be elegant, and that is why she is always looking great! She definitely deserves the position of supermodel icon of elegance.

Why is she in the list?
Because she has the most impeccable day and night elegance of all models.

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  1. Did you read the NY Times winter fashion supplement, "Anglomania," yesterday? I did, and kept looking for models like Lakshi M. Where were they? If they ever were, wan, white aristos and bony baby rockers (Mick Jagger's son - b.f.d.) are hardly what's cool any more about "Cool Britannia." No brown skin (Naomi Campbell hardly counts), no accents, all posh and fur. Please.


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