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The 10 Best Fashion Magazines in the World

Fashion magazines are a necessary item in the life of any fashionista. There are many of them all around the World, focused in many different types of public, but which of them are the best right now?

When I mean "the best", I mean the ones all fashionistas would not want to miss an edition.

What ones supermodels would like to cover, or just have their faces stamped in their pages?

What fashion magazine people are constantly talking about, and has the power to change what is going on in the fashion business?

After reading a brazilian website which was suppose to number the best fashion magazines in the World, but managed to forget some of the most important, I decided to make my own version of the "It" magazines in the fashion business.

10. Flaunt
Started as a luxury magazine and over the years it became more focused in lifestyle, fashion and arts. Flaunt is an independent American magazine, which is a must have for those which fashion is just a part of their well informed lifestyle.

It has great editorials (as all main fashion magazines do), great covers and always some hype celebrities in unique interviews (plus photos!).

9. Dazed and Confused
Young, Innovative and groundbreaking, Dazed and Confused is a british magazine created by Jefferson Hack, one of the most important fashionistas in the british fashion scene. He has been chosen many times by the Vanity Fair magazine as one of the most elegant people, and also is the creator of the extinguished cult magazine "the Face".

So with someone so important behind of Dazed and Confused, you could not expect anything less than a great fashion magazine... But it is not really a fashion magazine! It is much more about general art and music, with a little bit of fashion.

Even not being really a fashion magazine, it is still one of the most influential in the fashion business, featuring always great editorials, and a lot of what is going on in popular culture.

I would say Dazed and Confused is almost a hipster magazine. There are just so much about underground art and life style that would make any young Londoner or New Yorker satisfied.

8. Tank
I must say that, even though I lived in the UK for two years, I never saw or heard about the Tank Magazine. As a model, I was dealing all the time with the fashion Londoners, so it is not that I was not in the right place and the right time.

Anyway, it does not change that the Tank magazine is one of the most important and pioneering fashion magazines in the World... and unfortunately I only found that out through random fonts (so I did not have my own copy to look through yet!).

By looking at their blog and website, I can see that the magazine is made by super well informed fashionistas. In more than ten years of existence, they always kept pushing originality and the best of fashion. Some even say they published Nathalia Vodianova on the cover before she was famous! That shows how visionary is the team behind Tank.

7. AnOther Magazine
The "about us" in their website says everything: "AnOther Magazine's launch in 2001 heralded a new chapter in magazine publishing. Its blend of high fashion and world-class photography with features on the arts, politics and literature continues to make each beautifully crafted edition a collectors’ item."

The magazine comes out only twice a year and it is expensive! It also has a version for men called "Another Man". I would say this is one for the high class fashionistas. Those who go to all hype expensive events in town. The VIP's!

Well... not really!

It is also for everyone that enjoys beautiful photography. It is fully filled with beautiful pictures in a great size. Editorials with the highest ranked supermodels of the moment, great innovative photographers and posh styling. If you want to see beautiful fashion and know what is going on between the high class fashionistas, AnOther Magazine is your magazine.

6. Love
It must be the fashion magazine most talked about in the World right now. The new creation of Kate Grand, which is also the founder of the other great fashion magazine "Pop", only has three issues out, and shaked the whole World of fashion... and not fashion!

First of all with Bette Ditto on the cover of their first issue. Featuring a large woman, instead of a skinny top model is really brilliant and unexpected from such magazine.

In the third issue, they strike again! Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Naomi Campbel between 8 beauties with different body shapes, totally naked on the cover. Obviously newspapers and fashion information points in the World had to publish a comment about it! Including the british "the guardian" and the Vogue magazine itself!

If you like it or not, Love magazine is the one to keep the eye on right now. A must have item for who likes fashion, made by a great team of fashion addicts trying their best to change this business to better.

5. V Magazine
I would say V is the greatest American fashion magazine that is also focused in the mainstream, because it still keeps the chic together with the unique fashion style.

You could not expect anything less from the same team that makes the magazine Visionare. It is an A class... or V class as they would say! In its issues you will find editorials with many international photographers and the top top models. It has a lot of information in many other subjects of art and lifestyle, such as celebrities, music, cinema, architecture and art general.

It is filled with a lot of the material left out of the Visinaire. But do not start thinking it is just the rest of some random magazine! Read ahead and you'll understand that the being the rest of that magazine is a great reason to buy it!

4. i-D
Pioneer, unique, groundbreaking: the i-D magazine is one of kind in fashion. The first and still best magazine to speak for the youth and street style. This bimonthly british mag started in 1980 and is famous for bringing up new talents in photography and general fashion.

There are few books published about their unique editorials and covers. Most famous top models and many artists in cinema and music have been present on the cover or pages of the i-D magazine.

It not only talks about young and international street fashion, it also shows a lot of music, cinema, art and popular culture. Everything in their unique way.

3. Numéro
Finally a french... and it had to be between the top three! Actually there are the French, and the Japanese version of the Numéro, but the French is the first and founder of the name.

Numéro is the most important originally french fashion magazine. It has the highest standard of photography. It is mostly directed to the high class fashionistas as the Another Magazine, but you can see that it is more french and more focused on elegance.

Opposed to other french fashion magazines such as L'Officel and Marie Claire, Numero is more directed to a group of women that would prefer to read about art, music, architecture, cinema and couture fashion, instead of celebrities, gossip and high street fashion.

2. Vogue
The first and still the most important and influential fashion magazine in the World, and the one that dictates the rules that are going to be followed by millions of submissive fashionistas all arond the Globe.

Originally American, Vogue has now versions in many countries. The most important versions are the Italian, French and British. Each country adds to Vogue its style, but what all have in common is that where there are a version of Vogue, it is the most important fashion magazine.

In the end, Vogue does not require introductions. If you like fashion, you definitely know it!

1. Visionaire
The most unique magazine in the World. I am not sure if I can call it a magazine, because it comes in different shapes that could be considered many other things besides a magazine.

It is also one of the most wanted in the fashion Industry. It comes in a limited amount of copies, so who wants one, need to work really hard to get it!

The team that makes the Visionaire are totally brilliant in what they do. They put together all the coolest things going on in the most unique way.

Unfortunately as it is really rare and disputed, I never had the opportunity to see a Visionaire magazine in person, so I cannot give greater details. I have to be content only with their website information and images... but I must say, that is already pretty impressive!

P.S.: My favorite Fashion Magazine: Lula

It would not be between the 10 most important fashion magazines, but Lula is still one of the best for sure!

It is a sweet magazine made for girls. Beautiful editorials with a lot of vintage styling and poetry. All put together looking like a dreamy fairy tale. It is also british and posted only twice a year.

Definitely my favorite!


  1. Wow, Priscila,
    That's a really well written and well researched article. Very impressive. I think I like Numero the best. I really also love Dansk, Wonderland, 125 (although the last issue - 'america' was a poorly chosen theme) and Crash. So many good magazines. I love buying them, their my heroin addiction. kisses, and thanks for the link, xxxxxxh

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