Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beautiful Street Style... Maryna Linchuk

The Belorussian beauty Maryna Linchuk is one of the most required models at the moment... and my favorite (I'm always changing the position, but right now it is her!).

Being tall, slim and blond like her, it is easy to look good and elegant. Also helps when professionals of fashion are dressing you up and making you pretty.

In Maryna's case it's irrelevant! She seems to know how to look great also without any professional tip, because her daily wear, chosen by herself, is also awesome!

Here are some of her street shots:

And in parties:

We must admit... the girl, besides being stunning, has a great style!

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  1. Ameeeeeei o Blog =) Ok..sorry...Im supposed to write in english, right? Ur blog is great. And I loved ur post. (Already following !) And thanc for follow the fashionlogbook ;-)


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