Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Between the Chic... and the Freak?

It is not hard to notice that the fashion industry love to use as commercial strategy everything that can visually shock the society. To keep being talked about is the trick! From extreme extravagance to extreme sexuality - designers, photographers and magazines have been pushing the public to the limit of their imagination, and influencing all marketers to do the same.

After around 30 years of extreme fashion, the newest group of trendys seem to be using a dreamy ideal of perfection mixed with a little bit of horror, that to many people can look like... weird?

To start with, the queen of the trend: Lady Gaga!

For those who remember our Lady's first appearances, she was just another super star, with great songs, great voice and a lot of make up... and also a pretty plastic style.

In each single, video and new performance, Lady Gaga is exploring more, as she says, her obsession for fashion, mixed with a little bit of horror. This crazy mix seems to be the way to go these days: some really hate it, but keep it going for talking about it, others (most I believe) love it, and buy it!

After some performances in important awards, Lady Gaga's looks were getting a lot of attention for the extravagance and unique style. Besides shocking many, she was selling more and getting more and more required. So, as Britney Spears said: "they want more, I'll give them more!"

In her newest album, the single "Bad Romance", besides having by itself an unusual theme, the music video more than ever was arranged to shock some people, and amaze some fashionistas.

For me it feels like a crazy story that could be made a picture by Steven Klein, directed by a mix of David Lynch, Sam Raimi and Tim Burton... with a little bit of Madonna. Can you imagine it?

... Just watch it!

MySpace Horror Superstar: Jeffree Star

It is just not possible to look at Jeffree Star for one single second and do not look again! His style is an extreme "look-at-me". That is not a bad thing at all this days!

His singing career might not be as successful as Lady Gaga's. Probably because it is too extreme for mainstream, talking about murders, bulimia, drugs and personalities disorders. Anyway, he conquested a Worldwide fan base with his glamorous horror fashionista style, only posting public pictures in his profile in the networking website "". Here is Jeffree's MySpace profile:

Together with that, Jeffree has many haters in internet websites and gets also some bullies in the street. His drag-queen-bulimic-bitch look can be too shocking for the most conservative people. Although what matters is that Jeffree, as his name says, is a Star and is making money and doing well even with the haters trying to push him down. Besides being a singer and an eccentric model, he is a very good make up artist.

Jeffree is a proof that to be very successful, you have to get some people angry and talking about you.

(this picture was taken from one of the anti-Jeffree's page: )

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