Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Great Photographers in Fashion

I am addicted to fashion photography! I must admit it is one of my main reasons to get expensive fashion magazines.

Fashion Photographers always try hard to experiment every way possible. They try with light, colors, shapes, movement and everything they can to get to the newest amazing image possible, which are going to mesmerize the viewers.

In such fascinating industry, to get respected and famous, you have to be surely good in what you are doing. Magazine editors are used to see the best of the best, so to get a publication, only the real outstanding in fashion photography can do.

Also an assiduous fashion magazine reader like myself do not get enthusiastic about every picture, so when I do to the point of even research about this photographer, is because we are talking about a special image.

So, here are some of those photographers that really impress me with their work.

Camilla Åkrans

She must be my favorite at the moment. It is incredible how Camilla makes an amazing picture out of nothing! I can see there are a lot of post-production with image manipulation in her work, but this is not easy to be done with such good taste as Camilla does. See, for example, this pictures published in the Numero magazine with the model Sasha Pivovarova:

The way the colors are worked on this pictures is just perfect! The burgundy with purple effect is really beautiful. On this other editorial you can see also a beautiful work with the colors:

It is really soft and as the main background is yellowish, the shadows are slightly purple, which makes a great contrast.
Here are some other beautiful pictures:

There you see how Camilla does not only work greatly with colors, but also with shadows and movement. I cannot get enough of her pictures!

Mariano Vivanco

Another great name from the new generation of fashion photographers is Mariano Vivanco. He is from Peru, as the famous photographer Mario Testino, and works for the biggest names in magazines. He seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and I could say that maybe he is going to be the new Testino in the future.

A lot of what fashion is about right now: beauty and freshness!

Miles Aldridge

English photographer Miles Aldridge does a kind of photography that makes me remember Lady Gaga style. This kind of surreal perfect horror-but-beautiful World is the hype of the moment. His pictures are most of the time really colorful and with eccentric subjects.

It is really eye catching, don't you think?

Sebastian Kim

He could not be any less than a great photographer: he used to watch the genius Richard Avedon! His pictures are mostly soft and with perfect post production. He also plays with the colors beautifully, but in my opinion his greatest talent is the shapy pictures:

Good taste. beautiful shapes and perfection are Sebastian Kim trade mark.

Sølve Sundsbø

He is one more photographer from the photoshop generation. The norwegian Sølve Sundsbø used to watch one of the British Vogue favorite photographers: Nick Night; and now he is a big hype in the fashion industry working for names such as Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Gucci jewellery, Hermès, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Levis and Emanuel Ungaro. He also done many editorials for many of the important fashion magazines such as Another Man, Dazed and Confused, i-D, Japanese Vogue, Numero, Pop, Visionaire, V and W. Here are some of his work:

I would say Sølve uses technology for a great reason: making beautiful even more beautiful!

Yelena Yemchuk

She is an Ucranian photographer very famous for her work with the band Smashing Pumpkins (which she has done the art direction of the album Adore) and for her relationship with the singer Billy Corgan. Since then she became more and more famous in the fashion industry. During this decade she has done the photography for many Kenzo campaigns and also Very Wang and Christian Lacroix. Here some of her work:

Dark and feminine. Very good mix!

So after all, who of those artists of photography you think would be good enough to be the next Steven Meisel or Mario Testino?

Let's wait and see!

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