Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Body Consciousness Bandage Dress

One of the fashion items most talked about at the moment is the bandage dress (also called Bodycon or body conscious). Many of the famous women became fan of the item and has been seen wearing it many times (Victoria Beckham is one of them!). Its tightness on the body makes a very curvy look that only women with great confidence on their shape can afford. It is also obvious the reason why they get so much attention: they are really sexy!

The main brand responsible for the trend is Hervé Léger. Their latest collection by designer Max Azria (Fall-2010) invested in neutral colors and, as always, sexyness in curvers:

It is also possible to find the item everywhere else like Chanel, Carlos Miele, Lisa Marie Fernandez, D&G, Versace and many others. Also high-street brands such as Topshop, Miss Selfriges, Zara made their own version of the trend (with a more accessible price!).

It must be said that you really must have a good figure to wear the style. Sometimes the dress helps to hide little imperfections, but slim legs are a must for a bodycon dress!

It is possible to complement the dress with other items like a jacket, tights, belts, bracelets, knit wears, leggings, etc. It can look good with certain high leg shoes, but most of the time I would choose a basic high heel to avoid the "over sexy".

Good taste and wear them in the right circumstances are very important for its elegance too! Obviously, it is not the dress to go to a bank or daily shopping! It is a dress for special occasions; mostly evening events!

It is also possible to use the "bandage" or "bodycon" style not only on dresses, but also playsuits, skirts and pants. On the right side you can see Devon Akon in a bodycon playsuit by
Hervé Léger.

So if you have a special occasion which you want to look sexy and elegant, you know exactly where to go: body conscious!

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  1. wow that dress is divine n=but agree, only for confident ppl ;)


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