Thursday, July 8, 2010

Equestrianism as a Fashion Trend

Horses are beautiful and brave animals that mesmerize humans since pre-historical times. We know that by the drawings of horses on the walls of caves all around the globe. This is something any anthropologist would know.

What a lot of people do not know is that this decade is possible the decade which horses have been fascinating people most, in humans history!

A lot of this fascination is shown in the fashion industry. Some of the most important personalities in fashion are really into the equestrian theme. It is very understandable, as equestrianism and horses are two naturally elegant figures!

Madonna has shown her equestrian love together with Steven Klein in an edition of the W Magazine in 2003. Klein himself is a real fan of horses. He made many beautiful portraits of the animal, and I bet for him it was a great pleasure to shoot equestrian Madonna.

More recent popular equestrian shoot of Steven Klein was for the brand Loewe (first picture of the post). This one in 2008.

Another fashion personality that has shown a beautiful side of equestrianism as a fashion trend is the great John Galliano. He has made two collections in 2010 for the Maison Christian Dior with the equestrian theme:

Spring Couture

and Fall Ready to Wear.

As you can see on both shows this trend is used in really unlike styles. First more sexy and second more romantic. This is a very elegant trend that can be used as casual, and as much in a party look. To get into this trend, prepare your tight wasted blazers and your thigh-high boots.

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