Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ballet and Black Swan: A Deserved Hype

Hypes come and go every year. I remember the big hype surrounding the premier of the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately the film did not fill up the critics expectation. That's exactly the opposite that happened to Darren Aronofsky "Black Swan".

Darren says he spent 10 years trying to make Black Swan to happen. He knew it would be very successful, but movie studios would not believe his idea. Fox films finally decided to invest in it, which was a very smart decision: Darren was right, Black Swan is acclaimed by public and critic.

What makes me very happy about this hype, is that Black Swan is not a very easy film to swallow. It is dark, psychotic, kind of scary some moments, it has a homosexual scene and not a happy ending.

The fact that people are enjoying this type of movie, shows how the public opinion is getting more open minded and selective. American companies, used to invest in easy, obvious and cliche films, are getting a "slap on the face" and having to learn that cinema is becoming more complex, because its public is getting more mature.

Black Swan was so highly accepted, that had it's influence even in the fashion industry. A few designers made collections with small trends towards the film. Lagerfeld used some feathers on the clothes of Chanel's couture, and Jean-Paul Gaultier put a ballerina to end his spring-couture show.

Another consequence of the success of the film, is people's interest in ballet.
Ballet is the most technique type of dance. It is such beautiful form of art: It happens with a strong struggle and discipline from the ballerines.

Beside the beauty of the presentation, the film shows the strong competition between the dancers, and the sad short life of their career.

Darren Aronofsky just entered my list of respected directors (he was a long time banned out of it because of the over-dramatic "Requiem for a Dream").

Another person that definitely has to be talked about is the actress Natalie Portman. Her performance is near perfect. She was always for me a very talented actress, but in this film she gave her best.

Let's put together: a great and inventive director, a spectacular main actress performance, a unique story about what comes behind the classic ballet, a great and stunning support actress (Mila Kunis); I have to say Black Swan is not only the hype: it's also a masterpiece!

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