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The Dirty Side of Fashion

I have the habit of talking about things making it seem that I think in the fashion industry is where elegance is born. My mistake!

Fashion is an industry of beauty and seduction, but also an industry of scandals, disrespect and disregard. Those three words are far from elegance. I am posting about some of the bad side of the fashion industry, to make sure people understand that even though I always talk about fashion, I am not a fashion victim.

Here are some of the things you should think about before falling in love with fashion:

Racism and Elitism

It is not far ago, precisely in 2008, the biggest magazine in fashion put out their first issue with only black models on the editorials and cover. That happened after an union of the Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani and the photographer Steven Meisel. They felt they should do something about this white supremacy in fashion. Meisel stated: "I’ve asked my advertising clients so many times, 'Can we use a black girl?’ They say no. Advertisers say black models don’t sell". Their attitude against racism was great! Few months later, this editorial on the left was printed in the Italian Vogue: Where did they put all their anti-racism ideal?

Every single fashion show, together with the animal activists, there are people protesting against racism in fashion. Beside the discrimination of black people, there are the discrimination of every other look of human, as in fashion shows, white girls (mostly blond) are basically unanimous choice.

It was said by the British newspaper "the guardian" that fashion never been so racist since the 60's. I think this is the worst moment of fashion in many other cases. By the end of the post, you will understand my point of view of why that is.

The fashion business is also very elitist. You will barely see items by high street brands in a fashion editorial. You also will never see an ordinary working person mentioned in a Vogue magazine.

Supporting Animal Cruelty

The animal activists try hard to make the fashion industry stop putting up a fur trend. Many celebrities turned their backs to fur, many documentaries have been made about how cruel the fur industry is, but the biggest fashion names will not change their passion for the poor animal's dead skin.

This picture you see on the left was published by the French Vogue. You can see it is a satire about animal activists trying to stop the "Cruella De Vil's" of fashion. It is a big sign of what they think: "even when you try to stop us, we are looking great".

Hundreds of animals die tortured everyday, for then those ladies can exhibit their fur on their backs, or simple to show off what they believe to be elegant and high class. Sadly, this is the reality. Madonna, for example, is often seen wearing fur and said she enjoys going hunting birds at the weekend. Materialism and arrogance is above any idealism of respect towards nature for the fashion business.


The biggest supermodels right now are around 180 tall (5'11") and have hips around 88 cms (33"). Now it comes my question: how could a really healthy woman 180 tall have only 88 centimeters around her hips? Supermodels live on a really poor diet to keep their body as skinny as possible.

Anorexia is a term that used to be unknown in the past, and right now is in most people's vocabularies; thanks to the fashion industry. Few models died trying to reach the bodies with the measurements of Anna Selezneva, Freja Beha Erichsen, Anja Rubik and Natasha Poly (pic on the left). Those models already have a really small body build, and for some women it would be impossible to reach their measurements.

The embodied Brazilian models from the end of the nineties are out of the way. Right now on every fashion show girls with the most skinny body are the ones that rule the catwalks.

Drugs Glamorizing

Do you know who is Bertrand Hennet? He is the owner of "Elite Models". The agency used to be one of the most important in the market, but today it is almost nothing. This guy has been arrested for buying and transporting cocaine in 2009. This is not what destroyed the agency. I tell you about it later on.

What about the cocaine scandal with top model Kate Moss? Yes, one of the biggest top models ever is a cocaine-head. What you do not know is that she was a "victim" of the press. Inside the fashion industry, not only Kate is snorting the white powder. Just after the suicidal death of the designer Alexander McQueen, his "ex-husband" George Forsyth gave an interview to the press which reveled the designer's sad life inside the fashion business, where everyone snorts cocaine, including himself, Naomi Campbell, Sadie Frost; and nobody is a real friend. He says “At some bashes waiters would bring round silver salvers with lines of cocaine on for the guests to sniff. That whole scene was awash with coke.”

The irony of all of that is that Kate Moss scandal just made her having another rise up. That's just a proof: fashion likes drugs.

Sexual Harassment and Pedophilia

I am totally disgusted when I see this picture on the left side of this topic. Some people might think it looks cool, but who has been through a sexual harassment knows how it hurts. This is a picture of the photographer sexually abusing a model. His name? Terry Richardson. He is one of most requested photographers in fashion, and very known for sexually harassing the models during the shoots; many times underage girls.

In any other industry, sexual harassment and pedophilia are reasons for the destruction of a person, but not in the infamous fashion industry. Terry Richardson is still doing campaigns for H&M and magazine covers for Rolling Stones, Vogue and Bazar.

Remember the boss of Elite, Bertrand Hennet? He was not the only one arrested before. The founder of Elite, John Casablanca, 60 years old, was accused by a model of making her pregnant at the age of 15 and arranging an abortion without her consent.

So why all of that sickness and no morality in fashion? Every hell has it's devil... and fashion's devil is Anna Wintour.

No need much explanation. Everyone watched "the Devil wears Prada", and for those who still don't know, the character Miranda Prisley is based on the editor of the American Vogue magazine: Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour has some merits for her position. She definitely did a lot of good things in the fashion industry. She is the person that pushed John Galliano to assume the maison Dior, for example. She can really recognize a talent.

Although, from this whole list of dirtiness in the fashion World, she is the supporter and spreader of a few of them.

Anna Wintour is always seen in her fur coat, calling women size 40 "fat" and mistreating people that work for her in the magazine. On the Vogue editorials, she does not accept to have ordinary working people mentioned. She destroyed the grunge fashion in the beginning of the 90's, telling designers they would not appear on the Vogue if they did not change their style. Every season Vogue puts their favorite top models; from a list of around 10, many times you do not see even one black model, and when you do, only one (very skinny of course). Absolutely never an Asian, Indian, Arabic, etc.

Terry Richardson was accused of sexual harassment and pedophilia, but that did not affect the fact he is still one of Anna Wintour's favorite photographers, and is always having his editorials posted in the magazine.

These are some of the many things that make me think Anna Wintour is making the fashion business sad and dirty.

I understand she is probably a Nihilist and does not believe in morality and goodness. She probably does not believe in nature and that the other creatures of the planet also deserve respect; or in an equal human society. She probably believes women really have to sleep their way to the top, and that is why its fine for photographers to sexually harass them. Well, she is probably self-centered, manipulative and will do everything to get what she wants, and believes this is what brought her where she is, and that everybody should be like her.

So for everybody that loves the healthy side of fashion: the beauty, the talents, the elegance; but hates the sick and dirty side of it, I guess we will have to wait until Anna Wintour's kingdom is over, to be really able to enjoy fashion again; then is not going to be embarrassing to be a fashion victim.

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