Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is it going to happen an Ancient Egyptian Trend?

The whole World turned the eyes to Egypt during the last weeks. We all watched on the news: after long protests, the people managed to remove a militarist government, and from then on Egyptians will have democracy.

From all of that, what is mostly concerned to this blog (which is mostly a fashion blog, not so political) is: will all this events be influence to a new ancient Egypt trend?

It is hard to say. The Egyptians from now, have nothing to do with the ancient Egyptians; still I believe they take the old culture as their most precious belongings. Egyptian moments in fashion always come and go anyway; some good, some not so good. Every few years the Egyptian trend strikes again.

When Liz Taylor beautifully played the roll of Cleopatra on cinema, her clothes, hair and make up became a major trend, which is actually still a major example for people that want to dress up in fancy dress parties.

It must be said, the ancient Egyptian culture is fascinating! They were probably the first to invent elegance and royalty. While Pharaohs in Egypt were sitting on a throne totally dressed in gold, with a posture of a God, and Egyptians already had some knowledge in maths, physics, chemistry and astronomy; people were still hunting and living a nomad life everywhere else.

One of the designers that used the ancient Egyptian culture as a trend once is Galliano. On the Spring Couture show for Dior in 2004 he was highly acclaimed for his stunningly innovative collection.

Alexander McQueen did not have the same luck. In 2007 his Fall collection slightly towards a Egyptian trend had very bad feedback from the critics. We have to agree that McQueen was much better than this:

Talking about nowadays, there is always a bit of the trend here and there. People love the gold and the seductive make up of the ancient Egypt fashion. It seems that also on cinemas it is going to be a big Egyptian moment again: Angelina Jolie will be the new Cleopatra soon.

If the trend really happens, get ready the heavy make up... very glamorous! Here are some examples based on the shows of Dior and McQueen I mentioned before:

The hairs and shoes can also become really exotic:

So now we just have to wait and see what happens. Also about the new Egyptian democracy. Somehow to bring back this fashion could be a way for the World to show how happy we are for them.

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