Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outstanding Fashion Illustrators

Those who frequently read my blog know: I love making lists!

I have done lists on new photographers, classic actresses, elegant models, important fashion magazines, and it goes on.

This time my list is not less interesting than the others. I made a big research and, from around hundreds of fashion illustrators: from very famous, to the most anonymous, from fashionable, to anti-fashion surrealists; I found 5 that were really eye catching to my taste. They all have similar style in a different way, but most of all, a huge capacity of creativity, which is essential in any type of art.

The Surrealistic Art of the Fashion Satirist: Antoine Helbert

The French artist is in the "famous illustrators" team, although he cannot be really considered a fashion illustrator; more a contemporary surrealist artist that is appreciated by fashionistas. His paintings look like a big criticism to the fashion industry, but (as I said in the Vivienne Westwood post) the fashion industry loves the anti-fashion.

His art is between painting and photoshop: between real and virtual; which is nothing new for fashion illustration these days; we all know this industry loves the perfection of artificially manipulated images.

What is most of all really instigating to me in his work, is that it reminds me of a Salvador Dali that came back to life right now in the 21 century and decided to paint the fashion industry and also use the futuristic technique of photoshop.

His official website is also very unique and bizarre:

I would say Antoin Helbert in fashion illustration is the same as Miles Aldridge in fashion photography.

The Fashion Mess: Raphaël Vicenzi

I am one of the believers that self-tough artists end up becoming the most creative (take Van Gogh as a reference). Nothing as the creativity of an artist that is not being influenced by someone else; and that is the artist Raphaël Vicenzi from Belgium.

His work is obviously totally towards the fashion industry: paintings, sketches and virtual art in a big mess of girly pictures and abstract messages. It is a mix of the obscure with a lot of colors; I consider it fun and unique.

There are many artists that try the style "big fashion mess", but Raphaël in my opinion is the one that does it best.

The Teens Favorite: Marguerite Sauvage

I would say the French ilustrator Marguerite Sauvage found her main public between the teenager fashionistas. Her images are like a day dream of a 17 years old girl: soft, feminine and sexy. She says herself she wants to make everything look pretty, and she does it.

I am not a teenager girl anymore, but I am a big fan of her work. She is not only appreciated by the young ones of course; she also has been published in grown up magazines such as Elle.

Not many people know, but I am also working on some fashion illustrations and Marguerite is one of my main influences. For those who want to see more of her work, find here her official website:

From the Elegant Ilustrations, the Most: Nicole Guice

People into fashion know that to get a publication in the Numéro magazine, you have to be really good in whatever you are doing. Nicole Guice is one of those.

She says that nature's imperfections are her most treasured possession, but what we see in her illustrations are some extreme figures of human elegance... maybe she thinks part of elegance is the imperfections, which somehow makes sense.

For those who liked this few images I am posting, look also her official website and you will find much more interesting and beautiful stuff:

Virtual Art on It's Best: Jessica Singh

If you ever had something against photoshop art, get ready to change your mind! The collage with photoshop art of Jessica Singh is bedazzling.

Born in Australia, and graduated in London's most important fashion university: the Central St Martins; I could not even try to publish in my blog such a huge amount of beautifully done images that Jessica posts in her website. I do not even have the wish to write much, because words become a waste of space, with so many amazing images I could be posting here now.

It takes a lot of creativity to make such beautiful images in photoshop, and definitelly a lot of time. I read that for the most detailed pictures, Jessica uses more than 100 layers of images in photoshop.

Hopefully some day it is going to end the prejudice against the evolution of art (which is the virtual art), and more people will start appreciating the creativity of artists like Jessica Singh. If you want to see more:

To end this topic, I must say I hope you enjoyed those artists I posted, and if you think you know an artist that would interest me, please leave a comment and I would be really thankful!

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