Saturday, February 5, 2011

Punk and Contradiction: Vivienne Westwood

I know fashion is not the favorite subject to anarchist punks and to the revolutionary youth. This superficial, plastic and elitist World is reason for disgust to people that fight for a more equal society. But fashion has its ways to use everything, including those haters, into its favor. Rebelling fashion is always a trend since the 50's.

There is a designer that stays in between; an icon which manages to fit into the punk and fashion World with perfect harmony: the contradictory Vivianne Westwood.

I give you a test. Try asking some outsider: a punk, a goth, a hippie; what fashion designer they like best... They will most likely to answer Westwood.

Now I better finally get into the point. Why am I writing about her?

She is definitely a great designer and I love her style, but she is not into my top 5. Although her last collection was one of the best in Spring Summer 2011 Ready to Wear, and that's the reason for this post. See it for yourself.

Opposing to some older collection, where Mrs Westwood decided to put on extravagance with crazy hairs and strange designs; this collection is original, exciting and elegant (without losing her punk touch).

So for Spring summer, we should keep the eyes on the eco-friendly political fashion of Vivienne Westwood collection as a major trend; and that she keeps it up in the next seasons.

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