Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Gaga: The Icon of the Fanciful-Goth Style

The American Vogue magazine asked their readers to choose the best dressed person of the year; and for their surprise, Lady Gaga was the chosen one. As consequence, the unusual fashion muse is the cover of the American Vogue of this month.

I mentioned "surprise", because for a magazine that normally despise fashion adventurers like Björk and her eccentric outfit for the Academy Award in 2001, it would not be expected to have readers that would appreciate Gaga and her Björk alike sense of innovative and controversial style.

Beside the American Vogue, Lady Gaga also has shot cover for the Vanity Fair, Elle, V Magazine, Vogue Hommo Tokyo, between others; and an editorial for the french Vogue (bellow).

I have mentioned before in this blog that Lady Gaga's style is an unquestionable trend during this decade. Many other artists of nowadays express the same kind of feeling in their creations. Can you see some similarities between movies made by Tim Burton, the photography of Mille Aldridge and Annie Leibowitz (bellow), the illustrations of Antoine Helbert and the style of the TV series "Pushing Daises"?

It is all about a dream World of perfection, but somehow sad and sometimes weird. It has a lot of the elements of a faire tale together with a few goth elements. As nobody ever created a name for it (at least I haven't heard it yet), I will call it "fanciful-goth" art.

The readers of Vogue were smart and they did not only choose a greatly dressed person; they opted for Lady Gaga because she is the visionary representative of a time. It can seem really exaggerated, but if you try to think of a person that could represent all this fanciful-goth generation, I guess many of us would think of Lady Gaga.

Her very expected new album is suppose to be released in the end of the month. We will wait and see if she can reach the high success of "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster". Only one thing is certain, the new album can be successful or not, the status Lady Gaga has reached in fashion by now is already indestructible. Nothing can change that Lady Gaga is an icon of nows generation.

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