Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring-Summer Long Dresses

During spring-summer it's common to see women wearing short skirts, spring jackets, knee length dresses, sandals, shorts, hotpants and in 2011 you will also see a lot of beautiful long dresses, as you can see in the British brand "Monsoon" advertisement above with model Lily Donaldson (shot by Camila Akrans).

They are light, elegant and wearable for a wide range of circumstances. It can be for an afternoon lunch with friends, walking on the beach, going shopping, but also for evening events and parties. To reach the style you search for, all you have to do is mix up accessories and different shoes with the dress of your choice.

The most common style for this summer is going to be the long and colorful dresses for daytime. They are a great option for any occasion and a great option for women that are not into showing too much skin in those very hot summer days.

A good example of this trend is shown by Anna Sui Spring 2011 Ready to Wear collection. Flower long dresses, hippie chic and a great mix of accessories are great examples of how to use the trend:

Marc Jacobs beautiful spring collection also counted on many long colorful dresses, but more towards the elegant and classic, which is very suitable for evening parties:

Although Lanvin also explored very classy and modern dresses for evening, it was kept basic colors and linear shapes:

This trend has much more to grow during the next years. People that always thought long dresses are the conservative choice, it is time to change your mind. They can be really funky and sexy if you know how to mix the right accessories, shoes and shapes.

Those who are still into the old romantic and soft long dresses can stay happy because although they are not as eye-catching, they are still appreciated for it's elegant and charm.

So, as I said before, long summer dresses can be used in such wide range of styles, they almost cannot fail. So for those who still do not have a few options of long summer dresses in your wardrobe, it is time to think about shopping for a few and see how you feel about it. It is hard to not like it.

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