Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Muse: Lara Stone

In the end of the 90's Gisele Bundchen has conquered the highest position in the modelling industry: the status of celebrity supermodel. Although it was declared by magazines and expertise that it was going to be the last time a model would reach the status of celebrity and icon as often happened during the 90's. They said it would get started a time where the celebrities of film and music industry would take over fashion magazines. They were wrong!

Time went by and a few models reached the status of celebrity model, but none really reached the title of a fashion icon. Then suddenly happened Lara Stone.

Her face looks like a mix between Madonna, Brigitte Bardot and Kate Moss, matching beautifully with a slim-but-curvy body. She is topping the chart of since 2010 and she is also in their list of "Sexiest models" in position number 10.

She is a French Vogue favorite, featuring the magazine cover 4 times since 2006 - that's the same as Giselle during her whole career!

Everything happened really fast to Lara.

Lara Stone is a 27 years old Dutch beauty that started her career at 13 years old when discovered by an agent from Elite Models. Although her success started to happen in 2006 when she signed with IMG models. Since then she has done campaigns for major brands as Prada and Dolce & Gabanna, and she is the official face of Calvin Klein (replacing Christy Turlignton).

Accomplishing all this success so quickly you could not think Lara Stone is less than a supermodel, but many others have conquered the same type of success during this decade, so what separates Lara from the others?

She was cover of practically all major fashion magazines in the World, and all of them mention Lara as the muse of nowadays fashion generation. Her look is inspiring, unique and adored. She is the only one top model lately that reached mainstream and the post of celebrity, but still kept the fashion icon image.

Right now, Lara Stone is definitely my favorite supermodel. Her look has all together so many qualities that are too many to put together, almost countless: she can be elegant, sexy, sweet, childish, evil, naughty, fun, and so on. She can reach any type of look with great style and attitude. Beside the fact she is not another skinny supermodel, her body has perfect proportions.

Hopefully Lara opened the opportunity to some more interesting and beautiful models reach space in the media. I agree with Karl Lagerfeld in some point: Supermodels are more glamorous than celebrities.

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