Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nostalgia: Supermodels Era

I know we love the new supermodels with their Alien look, sometimes child-like face, and very skinny body, but they are definitely not fascinating and inspiring as the supermodels that used to rule the catwalks in the 90's.

During the last years, it is possible to see in fashion shows that models were chosen to fade away, while the clothes stand out. Some of them have been in almost every Paris-Milan-NY show, although they are never talked about as the 90's supermodel. As examples: Kasia Struss, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Magdalena Frackowiak and Edita Vilkeviciute; general people never heard of these girls, and they are suppose to be the supermodels of nowadays.

While fashion magazines, designers and supermodels were part of the fascination of a general public, nowadays celebrities from the music and film industries are ruling the trends (yes! they create more trends than Vogue) and becoming covers of fashion magazines.

Designers and fashion editors seem not to understand exactly what is happening, because the runway shows are not even half as artistic and provocative as the 90's and 80's, but their popularity keep going down. The answer is simple: fashion has no icons which women identify themselves. General women do not want to look like extremely skinny models with an alien face. They want to look healthy, beautiful and seductive as Cindy Crowford and Christy Turligton. While fashion is not offering those faces, the film and music industry is full of those commercial beauties.

Let's remember a few of those icons we used to love:

Christy Turlington
The American supermodel is right now 42 years old and has around 25 years of career. During 20 years she was the face of Calvin Klein, and during her whole career she has done fashion shows for countless designers and millionaire campaigns for Chanel and Maybelline.

Turligton's beautiful smile and elegant face has been cover of almost every fashion magazine in the World, and such unique beauty is never enough for the fashion industry. Just recently she featured the new Louis Vuitton campaign.

Turligton height is 1.78 cms and has the measurements of 84-58-91. Such perfect body is considered too big for the nowadays fashion standards.

Cindy Crawford
Between the supermodels she will always be remembered for her sexy mole above the lips and for her great gym looking body. Cindy Crawford was never the runway girl, she was mostly the face on magazine covers and the hot model all men would fancy for her perfect body and sensual face. A chocolate tv commercial which Crawford licked the chocolate off her lips, were a sensation during the 90's.

She has done campaigns for Versace and she was the face of Revlon, between many others. She also has done a few films.

Crowford's height is 1.75 cms, which is short for a nowadays model. Her unique and commercial beauty is what always kept her in the spotlight.

Claudia Schiffer
The 1.80 tall, blond, perfect body was an international sensation. Not only for her modelling career, but also her casual actress moments and her relationship with the pop magician David Coperfield.

Her career started when she was spotted by a scouter in a dance club. Just after finishing her studies, she flew to Paris where she has done her first magazine cover for Elle. Soon after she was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to be the new face of Chanel. The designer called Claudia Schiffer "the new [Brigitte] Bardot".

By now Claudia Schiffer has done more than 500 magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, Rolling Stones, Vogue, Tank and People, and owns a fortune estimated in 50 million dollars. She is 40 years old, lives in London with her husband and has 3 children.

Naomi Campbell
The British supermodel must be the one with the longest career in history. It is around 25 years that Naomi rocks catwalks and campaigns all over the World, and what is mostly exceptional is that opposing to the other supermodels of her era, she never had a down time.

Being a black model, she opened many doors to other models and has done much more advertisements than most white models could ever dream. She was the first black model to feature Vogue Paris and the European version of the Time magazine.

Beside being a model, Naomi also appeared in music videos, has done charity, films, and beside the few scandals, her career has been full of success. By now she has done more than 500 magazine covers, countless runway shows for almost every brand possible and hundreds of fashion campaigns.

Linda Evangelista

The Canadian supermodel is famous for her beautiful and captivating smile. She featured more than 600 magazines during her career and has done countless assignments with many companies. Her last one is for L'Oreal in 2007.

Evangelista is born from Italian parents that immigrated to Canada. She moved to NY at the age of 17 and signed her contract with Elite Model Management. Her famous quotation "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day" for the Vogue magazine was constantly repeated as the main quotation of the supermodel era.

Nowadays she is 45 years old and often mentioned as one of the most important supermodels and the best smile.

Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crowford featured the very famous video of George Michael "Freedom". I'm posting it here to finish the post and we also remember those great days of the supermodel era.

There is a new model that is being very frequently talked about as the new supermodel with the 90's standard: Lara Stone. Maybe she is the start of the new supermodel generation?

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