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Tips for Getting the Hottest Look for a Night Out

I remembered the many times I spent hours deciding a look for an evening event or party. There is nothing more frustrating to a girl than not finding the right outfit to rock her night. So I am putting here together some tips for you to get the sexiest and most elegant look, without spending too much time thinking about it.

Tip No. 1:
Think and Feel Sexy

The most important thing if you want to have a great night out, looking gorgeous and sexy, plus getting the attention of that guy you have been fancying, you have to feel sexy! There is no outfit that will make a girl that is feeling ugly and sad become the center of attention.

So put on that song you love, dance and sing to your mirror while you dress up... literally, feel the sexy you coming out! Prepare one of those baths with oils and after indulge yourself with body creams. Keep repeating to yourself: I am super hot and I'll rock tonight! Then you'll later see how everybody else will feel exactly the same about you.

Tip No. 2:
Dressed to Kill

Once you get into that sexy, happy and confident mood we talked about, it comes the next step: finding the right outfit. It has to be something elegant and sexy... and most of all: you have to feel comfortable in it.

You don't have to choose the basic black all the time. We love variation and if you are feeling provocative you can even choose a red, like Sasha in this pic on the right.

The best tip is not really the color of your outfit, but where you drag the attention to. Stop, look in the mirror, and see what is the most attractive part of your body. Do you have beautiful boobs? A nice tummy? Beautiful legs?

Then the best thing to do is drag the attention to that point and I will show you how.

Boobie Trap
If you, like Doutzen Kroes, is one of those girls that can rock a dress like that, please do! Beautiful breasts do not really mean big breasts, but some volume is definitely necessary to create this type of look. The help of silicone bras are also accepted.

As boobs are something really sexy by itself, I recommend the boobie girls to do it like Doutzen (Flare Sept. 2010) and keep the dress tight, but long. Or cover your legs with a jeans or leggings. This way you will look sexy, but not cheap, or like an attention seeker bimbo.

Tummy Bunny
If you have a tiny and sexy waist, there is no reason why you should hide it!

You should take care with the type of outfit to the type of occasion. If you are going to a casual party, a Britney Spears style of jeans and cropped top is fine, but for an evening event or an A-Class club you need to be a bit more discrete. Something like Karlie Kloss wears on the left (Numero Mag 112) is really sexy and elegant.

A Pair of Legs
If you have some beautiful long and slim legs like Maryna Linchuk (Vogue Deutsch Oct 2006), then is time to let them get some fresh air.

If you wear a long dress with a cut, it's possible to match the with a bit of cleavage or waist, but if you are wearing a short dress, I think it is much sexier if you keep the top part of your body a bit more covered up. It is always important to run away from the old and boring bimbo look. Legs are sexy, let them take the whole attention.

Sexy is Back

If you are not into showing any of the other three I said before, you can also get a very sexy look with an open back dress. It is the most femme fatale and mysterious of all looks. It is working best if it is matched with a total discrete front side.

As you see, Anja Rubik (Numero Mag June 2008) is wearing a more classic dress, but you can also make a funky look matching an open back top with a jeans or with a leather skirt.

P.S.: As I said before, you have to put the attention to one part of your body. You might think you have great boobs, tummy, legs and back, but if you go out showing everything, you will be more ready to a beach than to a party. So let's keep it simple and sexy!

Tip No. 3:
Make Up and Hair

For make up and hair there are this 4 looks that never fail (if matched with the right outfit): Barbie, Femme Fatale, Smokie Eyes and Grunge.

Sasha has the Barbie-like make up. It is basically dark nude eyes with big fake eyelashes and a pink lipstick. It can look really good with an open back dress, but it can look not so good with a cleavage outfit.

Rosie is the Femme Fatale. All you have to do for that is draw the attention to the lips with a red lipstick. The eyes should be nude; the lashes can be long, but not too much. The hair in 50's style is totally fitting to the look. It is time to some hairspray activity!

Lara Stone has the Smokie Eyes. Draw all the attention to the eyes is the trick in this look. A very dark cat style eyeshadow with long black eyelashes and nude lipstick is what you need for that. The lips can be also glossy, but never colored. It looks good with most hair styles.

Heidi Mount is an elegant Grunge. To get the look use some eyeshadow in brown, grey or black tones, but not too dark; not too long lashes too. To complete the look, a bit of light brown blusher and dark brown lipstick. The hair is messy, but glamourous.

Tip No. 4:
Sexy Attitude

You are not Megan Fox, but nothing stops you from being able to put on such sexy look. Be confident, dance, smile and being up to speak to whoever you want, and able to flirt that guy you like, is what is going to make your night unforgettable. If you think that Megan was born with the capacity of making sexy faces and you didn't, you are just wrong. Everyone can be sexy when you are feeling good with yourself.

What can really cut off your charm is: getting too drunk, behaving too sexual, taking drugs and being arrogant. Those are things you should avoid.

You might think you need a little bit of drink to rock the party, and that is totally fine. Just try to control yourself, because nobody likes being around an inconvenient drunk.

You also can like a guy very much, but do not throw yourself on him, or offer yourself to sleep with him when you first meet him. The impression he will get is that you are an "easy" girl, and you do that to every guy you meet. That is a total turn off to most serious men in this World.

Drugs can make you feel more confident, or make you enjoy yourself more, but once you take them a lot of people will look you with different eyes. People that take drugs look like they have problems and are not really happy with themselves. Drugs can also make you say things you don't mean, and make you addicted, sick and feel totally destroyed the day after.

Arrogant people are hated and avoided. You can be a special person and be really successful in something, but you don't need to feel better than everybody else because of that. Arrogance is also rude. It is impossible to reach elegance if you are arrogant.

So those are my 4 tips for you to get that hot look you are searching for. Follow them carefully and I guarantee you will be satisfied with the result of your night out! One last thing, my fifth and last tip: do not forget the high heels!

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