Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vampires: Ready to get Bitten?

If you did not get bitten by the vampire wave yet, get ready!

They are on cinema, tv, books, magazines... like a flu in the winter, they are everywhere!

Vampires are suppose to be powerful and seductive creatures, capable to love you and kill you, give you pleasure and pain; It's the same when you watch a vampire film or read a vampire book: you might get a beautiful love story, or a gory horror.

So, to get started, there are vampires to every taste and every type of public... and they are always ready to take our hearts!

What girl wouldn't want to have a romantic hunk like Edward from Twilight as their boyfriend? And what boy wouldn't want having a hot Selene of Underworld as their girlfriend?

If you are not such big fan of a sweet guy like Edward or a good girl like Selene, what about a bad guy like Damon and a psycho girl like Katherine from Vampire Diaries?

Although maybe you want to be like Lara Stone on the picture above (shot by Steven Klein), you want to be the one on control... you want the Vamp!

As it was never proven the existence of our beloved (or hatred) creature, I cannot help you to find one to volunteer to turn you into a bloodsucker. So sorry you will probably never have their power to pull up a car with one hand, or run as fast as "The Flash" (does anyone remember him?). Buuuuuut... I can help you at least to look as good and seductive as a real Vamp should look.

Here are some make up tips, to get the Vamp's mysterious and sexy look:

As you see, Vamps like to put a lot of darkness on their eyes. Maybe to represent their damned souls... but most possible because it looks so damn good!

Smokey eyes, perfect eyebrows, maybe some blusher to get slimmer cheekbones, and lipstick of choice: red for a femme fatale Vamp (like The Queen in True Blood), or pale lips for a more mysterious Vamp (like Selene in Underworld) and purple for a more goth vampire (like the ones in the Van Helsing film).

For clothing you can get some inspiration from the movies. I always recommend sexy! Without sexyness, you will fail as vampire and you'll never get food! So learn with Lara... as you can see by the next picture, she is definitely a successful vamp.

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