Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Women Want: Style Cars

The World of Cars is a World that separates women and men. Although there are exceptions, in general men tend to go for fast cars, with strong engine, chunky or slick. Women normally go for stylish cars, smaller and comfortable.

As I am a woman, I cannot understand so much what people accomplish having a huge car in a big city. It is harder to park, it's harder to fit into places, easier to crash, spends much more gas, makes your day more stressful having to deal with the big thing. While smaller cars are more practical, and even though they can be less powerful, what is the point of such power if in most places you are not allowed to use it?

So for those people that do not care as much for the huge cars, and think practical and style, I choose four new models that have everything we want.

Mini Cooper

In my recent trip to Hamburg I saw so many models of the Mini Cooper as never before. It is totally understandable! Hamburg is a city full of fashion, art and people that enjoy that, but with a very huge parking problem. So the Mini Cooper is one of the ideal choices for those cosmopolitan people, that look for a great stylish car, but don't have much time to search for parking spots.

I would say any model of the Mini is suitable for men, but for women, the Cooper, Convertible and S models are nice, but not as much the "Clubman": it's bigger and it looks more like what an elderly man would like (I think that's why such name!).

Peogeot 207

This new model convertible version of the Peogeot 207 is looking so fancy! I particularly like the white color and white sits. It looks very clean and nit. It could be great in red too, but then no white sits, please!

Peogeot 207 might not be as unique as the Mini, but it has it's own charm. It has always been considered a perfect women's car for it's style and feminine design.

While the Mini goes for a vintage style, the Peogeot is more modern and elegant.

Smart Roadster

This one I saw in that movie "Knight and Day" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It was love at first sight! The Smart Roadster is a slick, sports, fast version of the traditional Smart. This one is for people that want a practical, small, beautiful and stylish car, almost as fast a sports car.

It has only two sits, so you cannot carry your friends around. Although unless you have children, two sits should not be a problem!

Beside being stylish and fast, it is also environmental friendly as all the other Smarts.

Mercedez SLK

This one is not just a car women would like... It's car anyone would love! Who wouldn't want this charming, smart and elegant Mercedez SLK?

It is the most expensive from my list. Definitely as suitable as the others to a young and single woman living in a big city. The big difference this time is that a lot of males would be very jealous too!

The Mercedez SLK is unissex. It's charm and elegance will affect any person that looks for a small, smart and fast car.

So, those are the four new car models I think would totally fit into any garage of any cosmopolitan woman... and also men!

Next time I post some vintage cars. They also can have a lot of style!

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