Monday, May 30, 2011

Riding Bikes and High Heels

It seems that riding bikes and wearing high heels are not two distinct actions anymore.

Fashionistas seem to want to keep their style even during their bike ride. Also women that ride to work or to important events want to keep on their high class look. It's about not having to sacrifice their elegance because of the desire to go green and care about our beloved planet.

In my opinion, bike riding never had anything to do with wearing trainers. Maybe people wanted to relate the ride to sports, but once you are riding uniquely for transportation, why not wear the most suitable shoes for your destination?

Here you can see a few trendy bike riders that will keep the heels on during the ride:

You can see in this picture three different circumstances where heels and bikes go together. First, the girl totally care about style. She so care about style that she matched her heels with her bike. Very trendy girl. Second girl is a stylish cosmopolitan that might be going to a bar, or visiting friends, and decided to keep her heels on as it matches better with her outfit. Third is a girl possibly going to work, and wouldn't want to have to carry some stinky trainers in her bag all day, so she decided to go practical and ride on heels.

Ahead you'll see that some celebrities also are not willing to miss out on style, because they want to go green:

Socialite Olivia Palermo, supermodel Agyness Deyn and actress Kelly Brook are green friendly and elegant people at the same time.

Bike riding is fun, eco-friendly and also can be a style choice. Riding bikes with heels should grow as a trend. If people start relating riding bike with looking great, definitely a lot of us will choose the green choice more often.

To finalize the post, I leave my tip for riding bikes with style: check out the Burberry heels, they are amazing!

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  1. Absolutely love the photo of the two hatted women with bikes!


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