Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Artist and Her Expensive Paintings

When I was a child I used to draw houses, people giving hands, the sun with some fluffy clouds around it and everything that was part of my fancy reality. Not every child would do the same!

The 4 years old artist Aelita Andre, paints beautiful modern art pictures and her paintings are sold for over 20 thousand dollars.

A lot of people might feel that is unfair such young girl get so much money for a painting, and these people can get even more discontent, because right now her art is being exhibited in a gallery in New York and getting a lot of attention from the press.

Her family sent an application to the gallery without mentioning the girls age, what surprise the organizers had when they saw that all the artwork they so much appreciated were made by a 4 years old girl.

Some people seem to think it's a joke to pay so much for paintings made by such little girl without any knowledge about art, and some other people think she is the new Picasso.

I'm posting some of her paintings ahead and you can make your own mind about that.

I must say I really like her paintings. I always thought the artist with a lack of knowledge about art can bring up the most original art peaces. The freshness of her young mind makes her paintings more unique and special.

The director of the Agora Art Gallery Angela Di Bello, where the baby girl is exhibiting her paintings, says that Aelita understands of composition, colors and texture, and that she already developed her style which is consistent.

What we certainly can affirm is that maybe this is all a hype, which will end together with Aelita's imagination and talent, or we are watching the start of one of the most important artists of the 21st century. Time will show us.

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