Thursday, June 9, 2011

Icon of Style: Victoria Beckham

She used to be known as "Posh Spice". Now you just have to mention the word "Posh" and most people will know you are talking about Victoria Beckham.

She is one of the major icons of elegance and style of our generation. What she wears and where she goes instantaneously become popular and a trend. What many people don't know is that Mrs Beckham never choose the "icon of style" title, it just happened.

"I'm not really posh, I just like nice clothes and nice restaurants, and that's how I started to be called posh", she said during an interview with comedian Ali G (Sasha Baron Cohen) in 2006.

A few of V. Beckham most copied styles are her hair and basic dresses. She frequently changes her hairstyle to very adventurous and unique cuts and colors:

Her hair always ends up becoming her trademark: the Victoria Beckham haircut.

The outfits she wears in big events, are often copied by high street brands and become best-sellers.

Her looks are frequently basic and elegant: impeccable!

Another interesting episode of the "V-Becks fever" was the big fuzz about her outfit during the British royal wedding.

Beside the first page news on the wedding, frequently you could also find the Beckham couple and Victoria's elegant, but contradictory outfit. Her navy dress and platform shoes were reason for a big debate about what should people wear in weddings.

Together with so much glamor and fame, the most prolific Spice Girl also earned many haters. First of all for being related to anorexia and always exhibit a very skinny figure and also for her elitism and extreme passion for expensive things.

Although her elitist image can be the first thing a lot of people see, behind the perfect styling, there is a dedicated wife, a loving mother of three (pregnant of her fourth child) and a philanthropist.

Certainly this scene above does not change people's mind about the "good mother and loving wife" side of Mrs. Beckham; but she is certainly not the horrible picture some people seem to paint.

Loved or hated, she is still the only one person that hold the title of "Posh"... and her name the synonymous of style.

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