Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Invasion of the Owl Necklaces

While online shopping a few days ago, I found myself interested in a beautiful Owl necklace for sale in Topshop. I thought it looks vintage, it's different, it's interesting... what surprise I had when I found out that the same necklace was sold on Ebay for much cheaper and how many different styles they had. Just after I tried to look on Google to check more prices and styles, and then I realized the crazy huge trend Owl necklaces became.

I found hundreds of different styles of Owl necklaces in every shape, size, color you can ever imagine. Cheap, expensive, silver, gold, old gold, crystal; and every single store seem to have their own Owl necklace model.

I tried to find the necklace in Vogue, or in fashion shows, and all I found was lots of blogs strictly dedicated to the trend, like "The Girl with the Owl Necklace".

It seems this is one of those natural epidemics that happen for a random reason. High street stores started selling the items, getting really successful with the sells, and getting more and more different styles and colors into their stores.

These three are high class Owl Necklaces. The first is a 10k white gold and diamond, the second is a 24k rose gold by Domeniqueelucas. The third is made of black onyx and sterling silver.

There are many others out there in many different shapes and colors.

The most popular Owl necklace is the one in the beginning of that post. You can get that one everywhere.

I still want to get my own Owl necklace. With so many options, it's hard not to find one to like.

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