Friday, June 10, 2011

Punk-Pop Controversy: The Art of Banksy

You probably already know the controversial British street artist, Banksy. He does punk art, that became pop through the years. His graffiti became even tourist attraction in London.

If you don't know about this iconic artist of our generation, read on my little resume about him.

He started painting graffiti on the walls of London as an act of criticism to government and society. His provocative images created extra attention first of all for his "anarchist" themes. Also for printing those themes in public walls, which was considered also an act of anarchism.

For the irony of his criticizes, his graffiti was appreciated by so many people that it was not allowed to be washed off. Along with his specific and unique style, which makes it easy for people people to recognize his paintings.

Although Banksy at first only had an artistic anti-capitalist ideal and never even publicly showed his face to promote himself, his work became a huge trademark that sells books, posters, touristic tours, t-shirts, and the list goes on.

Banksy's success as an artist did not change his ideology. His art is in exhibition at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in LA until the 8th of August, and the artist offered a generous donation to the organizers, to make sure there would be a free admission day. He affirmed that people should not pay to see street art.

His attitude, which seems really genuine, earned him some extra promotion and the exhibition has been an extreme success.

If you did not know his work, and want to see more of it, visit his official website:

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