Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Lovers Want Animal Print

Once upon a time wearing animal prints was the tackiest thing a woman could do. I'm talking about the 90's: long time gone! Since vintage is the coolest thing at the moment, animal prints started taking over again.

The picture on the right is one of the Italian designer Roberto Cavalli's ads. The man is simply the king of animal print. It's almost like his trademark. What Cavalli does that should become inspiration to everybody else, it's explore the prints in as many ways as possible.

Wearing an animal print dress was the sexiest thing in the 80's. Nowadays it's possible to use the trend without involving any sexyness, just cool and funky style as Kate Moss, who is a declared fan of animal print, always does.

One very good example of how to use animal print in a extremely elegant way, is the Alexander McQueen Resort collection 2012 by Sarah Burton. This collection was one of the most critically acclaimed of the season.

I just know one thing: those would look great in my wardrobe! Love it!

There you see how animal print does not need to be sexy, provocative like in the 80's. The fun part of vintage is recycling old trends in a new way. That's the way to go!

Certainly if you still want to put on the femme fatale style wearing animal print: it still can be cool! As you can see on the right Jessica Alba is looking smoking sexy in the last month Italian Vogue editorial.

It's all about good taste, personality and experimenting!

I also like animal prints in many ways, but mostly the McQueen resort collection is a main inspiration for me in the style.

That's what you have to do: find your own perfect way.


  1. This blog keep rockin'
    may i make a request? talking about animals and looking like animals, i would like to have your re-view on the eco-design-fashion system



  2. Hi Delfo,

    I'll keep that in mind for a future post. Thank you for the idea! :)


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