Monday, June 20, 2011

What's your Team: Sleek or Big?

The trends for hair have been very much divided lately in fashion. In magazine editorials it prevalence the big voluminous and glamorous hair styles, and in fashion shows the sleek and chic.

The illustration above was made by Finnish artist Laura Laine. She is very famous for those skinny girls with the long flying hairs.

So what hair team you play in?

Voluminous and Glamorous

If you like hair with volume, you know the hard work it is to keep it looking good. The volume hair trend is very specific and it doesn't mean messy; not only wash and blow dry. The hair has to be patiently made to look elegant and bouncy.

In fashion editorials you can see a vast variation of voluminous hair. A lot of pin up style, wild big hair and long curls. It's much more adventurous and artistic. Also it shows more the technique of the hair stylist.

In contrast with magazines, fashion shows lately avoid the volume and keep it sleek, but Diesel decided to keep it wild-chic in their Spring 2011 runway show.

As you see, the hair does not disturb the focus on the outfits and it totally complements the look.

While sleek and straight hair looks smart, voluminous hair looks sexy. It has a very big variation of styles.

To all the positive sides, there are also the negative side of choosing volume: the hard work! If you are doing your big hair on your own, it might become a mission impossible, and take hours to get a good result. Also if you often uses blow dryers, hair curlers and hair spray, your hair will get weak and full of split ends really fast, so it's really important to use hair mask every week and cut the ends off once in a while.

Sleek and Chic

The runway favorites is also the favorite of most women in the world since the 90's. It's easier and faster to style and always looks smart and nit.

The hair-straighteners are almost a must in every woman's beauty accessories.

I remember when I saw one for the first time: it was big, chunky, the iron plate was made of metal and it was taking forever to heat up. Nowadays there are many different ones, much more slim and easier to carry, the plate can be made of ceramic which doesn't damage the hair as much, beside the fast heating iron of two, or even one minute.

In runways straight hair is definitely the favorite, because they are discrete and elegant, and don't take the attention away from the clothes, as you can see in the Bluemarine Spring 2011 show.

As the Bluemarine collection was so discrete and feminine, the straight hair was the perfect combination.

The negative point of the straight hair is the damage the iron straighteners can cause. It's important to hydrate the hair very often if you use straighteners frequently.

Now it's your turn to choose, sleek or big? My suggestion is: both! Everybody can do with some variation. ;)

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