Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrities Set the Colorful Hair Trend

You probably saw Lady Gaga's new hair trend: she's been shocking around in blue hair. I bet you are going to think: why shock? that's so cool! Rihanna has pinkish red, Gwen Stefani has orange, what's wrong with blue?

Sure! Blue hair is nothing new... but what about blue armpit hair?

That's Lady Gaga's new fashion statement! I think is more a troll than a trend. Although the "attitude" of our queen of queer might influence others to go blue in other more traditional parts, such as Gwen Stefani little boy that has been seen with a blue mohican lately.

Let's look at some celebrity colorful hairs in 2011:

Rihanna's hair color is really cool, although reminds me a lot the McDonalds clown hair color.

It looks like Britney cut off some pieces of her old pink wig she was wearing in her naked head times, and used as hair extension for her new look: not bad though.

But Gwen... OMG! She's looking like an evil Thundercat Pucca... but a super hot one of course! The most original style by far.

What you probably did not notice is that all these hair styles are consequence of the fanciful goth trend leaded by Gaga, and it can become a major fashion like everything connected to this trend.

Now you tell me: but Jeffree Star has pink hair for so long and nobody is copying his hair! And I tell you: the point is that Jefree is a punk-alternative icon like many, and only punk-alternative people follow what they do. But when those mainstream stars are also going for colorful furry heads, it can happen a big fruit-salad hair fever in the society.

I have only one thing to say about it: Amen!

Everything that makes fashion more different, adventurous, fun and unique, have all my support.

Sure the young ones will follow this trend. The ideal should be open a big campaign to make the old fashion ladies to be part of the fruit salad.

- Anna Wintor wearing blue hair in the winter!

- Roitfeld wears hair orange pastel!

- Rachel Zoe matching pink armpit hair with the nail polish on her toe!

Actually, better not!

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  1. You're right: Everything that makes fashion more different, adventurous, fun and unique, have all my support.
    I think the same, fashion needs some radical and permanents changes, adapted to these times! So fantasy hair should be part of common fashion and stop being 'fantasy' :)


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