Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Berlin Really the Green Fashion Capital?

Berlin is a major influential city in Europe and the world, but in the fashion scene it has been forgotten for a long time.

Just recently, with the new green statement in the Berlin Fashion Week, it seems that times are changing. As the whole world now concern about environment and sustainability, Berlin is becoming the green fashion capital. The question is: Is the title real or just marketing?

The funny part is, as I research about environmental friendly fashion labels, I find that London is still far ahead in the amount of designers using of the ethical trend - not only green, but also fair trade, anti-consumerism and recycling labels. The most well known names in this scene are Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.

Beside those two huge fashion names that have been carrying the green/ethic statement, there are countless other brands in the UK such as Ada Zanditon, Junky Styling, Josy Flo, Christopher Raeburn, Komodo, Stuart Brown and the North Circular.

As you can see, Berlin might be building up the reputation of "Green Fashion capital", but it's not really owning it. Most of the German brands runway shows were not green friendly.

The main reason why Berlin fashion week has been ignored in the Fashion world, is the lack of major designers in it's shows, and also Germany's basic, conservative and over-commercial fashion, is not exciting for any real fashion fan.

The green label can be used as an attractive feature, but it should never be a way of going through with the lack of creativity.

What would be working perfectly for Berlin Fashion Week, is really becoming the Ethic Fashion center and attracting all designers that are into the subject, such as Stella McCartney and Peter Ingwersen.

To finish the post, I want to put my point into the whole "green" subject.

I cannot say I am into the Stella McCartney basic eco-friendly designs. I am more into the Vivienne Westwood creative anti-consumerism vow. I am anti-fur, although I am not anti-leather. I am pro saving the planet, but I am not into extremist puritanism. So what I would say is: I will love green labels, once they stop using "green" to justify lack of creativity. My favorite green designer at the moment is Ada Zanditon, because I believe she fits into the creative green crowd (as you can see in the picture bellow).

Same goes to Berlin Fashion Week. Although London has much more green-friendly designers, it's fashion week is not called "the green fashion week", because it doesn't need that to get popularity.

Go green, but not boring.

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