Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starbucks Coffee: Options, Cues and Trends

You know something: I hate to wake up early! I really do! I guess most of us don't really like to get our dreams interrupted by the disturbing alarm clock. I try my best to stay in bed as long as possible, and many times I have no time to have breakfast at home.

During this week I had to work in a Fashion House in Dusseldorf near the airport. So I decided to take my coffee there, as Airports always have lots of options for coffee. I really do need options, because I have a mild allergy to milk, so I always try to find somewhere where they sell latte with soy milk.

Now we reached the two points I want to speak about: first, the airport was full of coffee shops, but as I browsed I found out that only Starbucks had coffee with soy milk. Second, although all the other coffee shops had similar price to Starbucks and also the nice sofas and friendly environment, they were all almost empty, while people cued up in Starbucks and shared the only uncomfortable sits that were left (instead of going to the other shop and taking the empty sofas).

So, for the lack of soy milk everywhere else, I had no option, beside being one more in the Starbucks cue!

In the meanwhile I wondered if soy milk is the new thing, or what other reason why people would not go to the other places and would instead prefer taking the cue and hard sits. So I started to watch what people ordered, and I heard: normal expresso, cafe latte, cappuccino... only drinks they could easily choose in another store!

I was shocked! I wished so much I could just take my cafe latte in another place and sit in one of their comfortable sofas, and these people were choosing the cue and hard sits for no reason! Or there is a hidden reason?

Yes! This reason is called: It's Super Trendy!

Starbucks is one of those places that makes people feel special. "Come on! The women from Sex and the City drink Starbucks coffee! Milley Cyrus does, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton... If I drink Starbucks, I am also more special!"

Most people need this type of thing in their life to feel special, or more "in". I think this kind of insecurity takes people out of the "cool" list straight away.

Having self assurance and personality is really something! So I would say, the people that went to the other coffee shops were the cool ones, as they don't need any label to make themselves feel any better.

Let's look at the positive side of this major trend, it opened the door for the comfy coffee shop generation!

The other day, walking around a small town here in Germany, I found this lovely coffee, tea and cake place fully decorated with dancing frogs.

Such sweet place!

Although they did not have soy milk! =/


  1. where was the coffee place decorated with dancing frogs?i love frogs. ;)

  2. It's in Germany... Essen Kettwig... it's a really cute place close to the river. :)

  3. kettwig isn't far from my place.can you name the coffee shop?

  4. I don't know the name... it just says "caffee" in the entrance... lol


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