Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer, Ice Cream, Couture... Delicious!

We are right in the middle of summer. What a beautiful time! The sun, the holidays, the sea, nature in it's beautiful moments... Everything is inspiring and fun!

In summer we like colorful, creamy and delicious ice creams. They remind us of the season as much as they are part of it.

Sometimes we can even get carried away by those delightful gourmets and end up forgetting the money to pay for them, like the sweet couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez done a few days ago (and had to have their ice cream paid by a fan). Or unconsciously add them into your artistic work... that might be what happened in the last Dior Couture show.

This is the first Dior collection since they dismissed the talented designer Galliano. His replacement at the moment is his ex-assistant, the sweet Bill Gaytten... and Bill did it! He added a lot of himself to Dior: the collection is looking Gaytten!

With a little bit of 80's touch, and a cherry on top of the cream, we can taste those delicious blueberry, lime and peach ice-cakes.

What about those rainbow ice creams? Those ones on the cone, with colorful sparkles? They make so many little people happy in the summer!

Some of us are not so into the fruits, and much more into the milky ice creams... those Ben and Jerry Caramel Chew Chew dresses... I mean ice creams: yummy!

And that's how life and fashion goes on: without Galliano, but with a lot of fun! I mean, kind of without Galliano... he seems to always be there somehow, like in recent Kate Moss wedding and her amazing dress designed by our talented "anti-Semitic" alcoholic designer.

Even our Monsieur Qui has a thing for ice creams, as you can see by his illustration on the left.

So that's my tasty view on the last ice creams happening in our beautiful summer. Don't waste your time, go grab yours... but don't forget to not get carried away by them!

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