Friday, July 1, 2011

Vogue Italia Goes Plus Size

Everybody that admires fashion for everything that is good in this industry; the elegance, the beautiful photography, the super creative clothing designers, and so on; definitely likes best from all fashion Bibles (the Vogues), it's Italian version. Main reason: the best fashion photography and the most groundbreaking issues.

First they released a Black Issue to make the whole world talk about the racism in fashion and how brands should also opt for black models in their advertisements and runway.

This year, in their June issue, they choose 3 plus size models for the cover. The magazine editor in chief, the brilliant Franca Sozzani explains why: "women are not proud of their bodies because the aesthetical code that is around us is skinny and young. That’s why I created the makeover edition. And that’s why I did this one now. Every woman has something beautiful, it depends how you feel. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, today would be considered curvy girls. We have to change our mentalities".

In my opinion fashion will never become the place for plus size women because of the runway shows, which skinny models hang the clothes much better. Although it could have some changes: some models should be chosen for runway and different ones for editorials. That would help to show some more diversity of body shapes.

(pictures by Steven Meisel)

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