Sunday, July 17, 2011

We ♥ Japan!

There are too many things about Japan that makes it one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The history, the food, the culture, the people, the fashion: being in Japan is almost like being in another unique and amazing planet.

This country is also known for it's strong power to re-build itself from scratch; Because of it's location it has been constantly victim of earthquakes and tsunamis; For it's strong economy it has been involved in many destructive war conflicts.

Today I want to show my sympathy to this beautiful country that I admire so much: A little bit of Japan that fit's into the Prittii blog.

This is the newest Armani couture collection showed in Paris a few weeks ago:

Armani's homage to Japan became such elegant collection! This is my favorite fall couture 2012 show so far.

Talking about real Japanese fashion, one of Japan's most famous designers is Kenzo. This is his latest fall ready to wear collection:

His perfume "flower" by Kenzo is a worldwide bestseller.

Changing from most famous designer, to young up and coming, I introduce you to Akira Isogawa:

He lives in Australia and is one of the most popular designers in the Australian fashion scene.

Japan does not only have great designers, they also rock with the coolest fashion magazines such as the Numero Tokyo, which means moments of joy to any fashionista: full of world class editorials shot by some of the most famous photographers in fashion, featuring the hottest top models of the moment and filled up with cutting edge fashion and pure elegance.

Beside designers and high fashion collection, the Japanese street style is a major fashion force all over the world. Their unique and extremely eccentric clothing has been admired and influence for international pop icons such as Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga.

The urban tribes in Japan like Gothic Lolita, Ganguro girl, Kogal, Otaku and Harajuku, are unique and fun.

Here are some of the make up trends based in the Japanese style:

From left to right: Geisha, Ganguro, Gothic Lolita and Harajuku.

The Geisha look is the traditional one with the kimono, pale skin and well drawn Asian style eyeliner. The Ganguro girls are some crazy ones! They take a very dark tan and light their eyes and lips with pale pink make up. The Gothic Lolita has a tipical goth pale skin and dark eyeshadow, followed by heart shaped lipstick. The most popular is by far the Harajuku girls. This look can have a lot of variation: pale skin and focus on the round dolly blusher is what counts most.

Another icon of the Japanese fashion trend is the supermodel Tao Okamoto. She is one of the most popular Asian supermodels at the moment and an example of cool street style.

Everyone can have a different view of the whole world that is Japan. The fashion illustrator Margarite Sauvage made one of her illustrations based on the japanese Hentai-Manga (picture on the right). A little spicy Japanese Geisha, because in the end Japan is not only famous for it's hard-working people, but also for it's sexual eccentricity.

When we put together everything I said so far about Japan, its fashion and its culture, we don't get even one small percentage of all Japan has to offer. There are much more I would like to talk about! I am a big fan of Japanese food: The wide variety of Sushis and the delicious Kobe beef. The history, the martial arts and the religion are other major points to be explored.

As I normally talk about the pretty things, maybe the whole story about Japan would not fit here, but the point I want to reach is: as you probably know, Japan is going through a new recovering time, and it would be really great if you could help.

You can volunteer or make a small donation. Any help is highly appreciated.

I'm sure soon all this tragical moments will be part of the past, and the Japanese will show the world once more how strong and united nation they are.

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