Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winter will White Out

A few days ago I was talking to a friend about trends and I asked what she thinks is the new thing, she answered: "I think you should talk about the color white, because white is the new black. People think black is an attitude, but white is also an attitude".

What she didn't know that I had to find out, is that the color white is not only a cool attitude, but also the biggest trend this winter!

Although black still has it's space, the elegance of the white shades are taking more space in fashion every day. Check out some of the collections for Autumn/Winter 2011:

Alexander McQueen

Calvin Klein


Yves Saint Laurent

As you see, all collections not only explore white and tones of pearl and ice, but also spreads the color through the whole look (including shoes!), which used to be a fashion don't for years!

But why so many designers are adepts of a white passion so suddenly?

White represents purity, light and peace. Being a rebel, against religion and the good manners is part of the past. Nowadays many people want to think clean and exhibit on their clothing a lot of this feeling of purity.

Although all this purity matters, I'm equivocating if I say that white only stands for purity!

White can also be really sexy and glamorous. Because of it's different nuances such as off-white, pearl and vanilla, it can be explored in many different ways. As you see in this picture on the right, Ashley Smith's white looks much more sultry than pure.

So whatever way you want to wear white this winter, feel free to do so! From head to toe or not, or whatever shade you like best, it's time to explore white and it's elegance.

Obs.: Fashion illustration on the left by Tanya Ling.

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  1. I love this so much! I've been looking for a White Gothic idea blog for so long! This is my biggest inspiration :)


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