Monday, August 8, 2011

Buiding Up a White Goth Look

As we know, white is the new black during 2011's fall. Even if you want to explore a more mysterious and obscure style.

It all started to look clear when I saw the Ellen Von Unwerth editorial called "Trust Me" in the Tush magazine: White is a trend, lace is a trend, wedding, supernatural, pale skin... white goth is the way to go!

Just recently a new edition of the Love magazine has been released with the theme "supernatural". Featuring actresses Chloe Moretz, Heilee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and supermodel Lara Stone with tears on their face, pale look, white clothes; a really ghost-like style. One more inspirational place to the white-goth look.

If you opt for embracing this trend, you can play around with romantic items such as laces, pearls, flowers on the hair, mixing with ecclesiastical elements like crucifixes and rosaries, and add some black belts and fetish items to make the look more sexy and dramatic.

You can fit the style to any occasion: party or daily routines. It just depends on how you put the items together. For evening you can be adventurous like the pictures above, and for daytime you can take a basic white dress, a black belt on the waist, a crucifix on the neck and some dark wood brown platform gladiator sandals, for example.

The white goth look can be matched with a very dramatic make up, or a pale and basic.

I wouldn't recommend such theatrical make up as the picture on the left, but this look can be adapted to an stylish evening outfit.

So those are my tips on how to build up a white winter goth look. Be creative and use it as inspiration, to get an even more interesting result.

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