Monday, August 1, 2011

Magazine Review: Tush

Last week I was browsing through magazines in a store, when I bumped into "Tush". It's a German fashion magazine... and for this reason I thought one, two, three times before buying it, as I had a few disappointments with German fashion magazines before. This one looked specially temptating because it's main act was a range of editorials by one of my favorite photographers: Ellen Von Unwerth. I ended up buying it for this reason.

What a great surprise I had. This edition of Tush is absolutely delightful. The Ellen Von Unwerth editorials are great and creative, but also the other material in the magazine is world class.

Unfortunately I still cannot read fluent German, but from what I could see, "Tush" shows a great deal of trends, designers, a bit of fashion illustration, there was a two pages material about Jesse J (so some music too!) and everything done in a sexy and elegant way.

I've done a few shots of Tush to show you:

There you see a bit of the Ellen Von Unwerth fest.

Tush was created in 2005 and releases 4 editions every year. This one I own is the number 24 and it should be coming out the 25 very shortly.

For people that like high ending fashion, artistic and sensual fashion photography, I highly recommend.

The only one down spot: there is no English edition. I think the magazine has international standards, so they should put some effort in adding English text in the end, such as the French Numero magazine does, and this way they could reach a wider public.

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