Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lana Del Rey: What's all the Hype?

One of the biggest novelties in the fashion, music and entertainment industry is the singer Lana Del Rey. Her album reached second position in the Billbord chart (losing only for Adele), she covered the British Vogue, her song "Video Games" has been the most blogged and so far it has more than 24 million views in youtube. Critics have been filling the internet with the biggest controversy since Lady Gaga!

Now the big question... Why did she get such attention?

Hype no 1: "Lana Del Rey is a manufactured artist"

Lana Del Rey was born named Elizabeth Grant, a New Yorker from a wealthy family, which suddenly decided to change her name  and title herself "gangsta Nancy Sinatra". One of her quotes about that "I spend eight years writing gorgeous songs and someone in a meeting says 'gangsta Nancy Sinatra' and that's that. It's Brutal."

Fact 1: at first Del Rey decided to lie to the media and say she grew up poor. She said to the Interview magazine "I'm sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn't even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs". Then later she admitted she belongs to a higher than average family, but she insists her parents never financially pushed her musical success.

Fact 2: Lana affirms that David Lynch is one main influence for her so popular video "Video Games".

Fact 3: Her appearance in the program "Saturday Night Live" was very disappointing, as the singer clearly couldn't reach the low or high notes.

Let's face all the facts now, which bring us to one conclusion: Elizabeth Grant was transformed by the record label into Lana Del Rey, the new (gangsta) Nancy Sinatra: vintage style and a lippy beauty + an obscure and romantic music + big names as influence = the perfect formula to please all fashionistas and hipsters out there.

Hype no 2: Lana Del Rey is the coolest new artist

People are not forced to blog about someone. In this exact moment I am spending my time writing about Lana Del Rey because I want to. If her video was the most blogged last year, it's because she has been pleasing a big slice the bloggers out there.

Lana's style is something completely different from everything else in the music business lately. It's a gap of fresh air for the fans of vintage style that were tired of Amy Winehouse inspired artists.

Manufactured or not, who this days don't have an influence from the record label in what has to be said and what is done? Does anyone believe that Adele and Katie Perry decided by themselves to wear 50's hair and black eyeliner?

There are rumors saying that Lana had a plastic surgery to get such big lips. We all know that every beautiful female artist ends up getting a little bitchness from the media. Lana could not scape from that... even more because she is suppose to please a public that values music first, and normally appreciate artists that have no such appeal on their looks.

In the end, if you like her or not, Lana Del Rey is the pop artist of the moment. So pick your position and get used to where you stand, because it looks like Del Rey's hype won't fade away so soon.

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  1. I did a post recently on Lana Del Rey, and like you said what first attracted me to her was her sound ("Gangsta" Nancy Sinatra). Second was her vintage styling and those gorgeous pointy nails. I love Video Games, Born to Die and Blue Jeans. No matter what people think or say the girl can write. Thanks for this post!


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