Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Found Wonderland! - The Versailles Garden

As I said in my last post, while my friend Rafaela came to visit me in Europe, I had to take her around for sightseeing. Walking around Paris once more was nothing new for me, as I been there a few times, but going to the Palace of Versailles for the first time was definitely a high point for me this year.

Departing from Paris, on the way to the castle, a little bit of disappointment took over my mood: the day was so foggy I could barely see anything from the beautiful Parisian architecture. As we arrived, I couldn't identify which direction to walk to reach the palace; when we were near 30 meters away from it, the majestic architecture slowly became visible.

To my modern and a little demanding taste, the inside of the castle had very few interesting features. Gold and red color, crystals, busts, pictures with horses, wars, bare bodies and angels seem to be all that could occur into the mind of the 15th to the 18th century French royalty. My most interesting moment was definitely when I analyzed the huge paintings with dozens of soldiers and, for my surprise,  a few were obviously expressing homosexuality; something in between funny and revealing I must say.

When there was no more to see from the monarchic ostentation found in the palace's inside areas, the best still had to come: the royal garden.

You possibly remember the Disney Alice in Wonderland queen garden, where Alice plays golf with a flamingo club and paints white roses red? I believe it was possibly inspired by the Versailles Palace garden, and if it wasn't, there is a huge coincident similarity.

That's also when the fog became a "plus" creating a kind of mysterious and sinister feeling, which were complemented by the huge amount of crows, bare trees, cats, dry leaves, empty fountains and strange sculptures. All together made my photography hobby in great indulgence.

The garden is so huge! I've been told by it's receptionists it's necessary 5 hours to see it all, but just the one hour I spent in it felt magic and unforgettable enough. The result of such feeling are the pictures ahead. Hope you like it!

versailles palace
maine coon

Although the foggy winter experience was already exciting, I imagine the garden looks also great during spring or summer, with all the colorful flowers in bloom... It must be very romantic! So maybe later on this year you will find some more Versailles pictures, in another perspective. 


  1. Ha! My cat looks exactly like the one you pictured above (I think that one is a Maine Coon as well); except a lot skinnier. These pictures are just magical. I wish I had a picturesque scene similar this one in my backyard this time of year. I have always been a sucker for gardens and landscaping.

  2. These pictures are beautiful, looks like such a pristine place. Now officially on my to do list!

    Rianna xx

  3. I think there's the nicest pictures of Versailles I've seen on a blog so far!


  4. Oh I would love to go there. Lovely pictures!


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