Friday, August 17, 2012

Dakota Rose: A Style Genious

There is a huge buzz in the internet about "doll like" girls. Some look a little bit strange or highly Photoshopped and some actually look like real life dolls, such as Kotakoti. Miss Koti is a character created and developed by a 16 years old American girl and her real name is Dakota Rose.

She has more than 120 thousand subscribers on youtube, where she posts hair, clothing and make up tutorials with more than 28 million views. Her sweet looks have been complimented in fashion and lifestyle blogs around the world and even major general information websites such as the British Daily Mail and the German Invadermag. She has dozens of fake profiles on facebook created by fans.

Together with the success, Dakota has been collecting haters. They accuse her of being a fake and of "frauds" to acquire her doll-like sweet look, such as photoshop, wigs, extreme make up, fake age, contact lenses and it goes on.

Yes, I believe some pictures look Photoshopped and her make up create bigger eyes impression, but what is wrong with that? Does people really think all celebrities in pop business look as beautiful as they do in magazine photos or music videos?

The main point of all is that Dakota Rose seems to me a style genius! Differently from celebrities styled by the best beauty professional in business, she managed by herself with make up, hair and clothing to turn into a gorgeous real life doll (with good taste and no exaggeration!) and she represents the Lolita and anime trend better than anyone else!

The picture ahead shows Dakota Rose without her character and photoshop (in the middle). She is not so different from her Kotakoti version: the hair, the eye color, the skin look pretty much the same!

Before becoming the cutest Anime model in the world, Dakota used to be a buzz in another scene; together with her sister, they used to collect fans on myspace creating unusual looks - in my opinion - Emo style. Therefore from young age she already rocked being creative and getting attention with her make up, hair and styling abilities.

Although I can see her talent with the Emo looks, I'm happy Dakota found herself in the Japanase/Asian fashion scene!

Here are a few more pictures of her Kotakoti role:

Real or not, the way Dakota created and accomplished the character Kotakoti is definitely genius and she deserves the success!

If you also likes the looks and style of Kotakoti, you can follow her blog or youtube chanel:

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  1. Since I'm a Republican...Dakota Rose is probably the only thing we will ever agree about.


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