Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Coolest Model Ever: Cara Delevingne

Think of supermodels, then you will normally put together a bunch of cliches: tall, skinny, egocentric, sexy, high heels, long legs, etc. Nevertheless, when Cara Delevingne is the one on the role, the adjectives completely change. She's more like the scandal, tattoos, London, grunge, hipster, crazy, whatever, fun type of girl. And for all these reasons, not only her unique look has been pushing up her career, but her personality is turning her into the most influent supermodel of nowadays.

I must admit, at first noticing the success of miss Delevingne, knowing she comes from a high class British family, I thought: "She's nothing really special… Just a rich girl."

How wrong was I?

She could have been a lady. She could have only worn Louboutin shoes and dressed only Prada and Chanel, she could have perfect hair with extensions and hang out with princess Kate. Instead Cara constantly wears high street brands and the "out of bed" look, known as a party girl and has even been accused of being drug user. It didn't take me long to notice her "don't give a damn" style would make her stand out in the supermodel crowd. 

Although a model cannot be only personality, looks will always matter. Her big eyebrows are her trademark and became a huge fashion trend. Her face is also unique and fits to a wide range of styles… from Burberry, until Yves Saint Laurent. So her looks are also outstanding and only complemented by her personality. 

As said before, she's frequently in parties and fashion events, behaving as herself and never worried what is going to be said about her later. Fights with friends, drugs, bad clothes, all already have been headline for miss Delevingne. Truth or not, it's still a great marketing for any brand to be represented by a celebrity that is always everywhere, always being talked about.

The young crowd identifies with Cara: she collects millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Her high street clothing, hair, tattoos and make up style are trends copied and followed by teens and fashionistas all around the globe. (Personally, I think her tattoo on the finger is fabulous!)

So then there is no other way… Let's agree Cara Delevingne brought unique beauty, personality, attitude and style to fashion. That's why, for me, she's the coolest model ever.

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